The Best Collagen Protein Powder to Revive 50+ Skin

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Could the fountain of youth actually be a powder? I tried and recommend the 4 best collagen protein powder supplements for 2019.

Letter Every year as my face betrays my age; I hope the myth of the Fountain of Youth will come true. I would happily book a flight, take a train, or row up a river to wherever it is and drink its magical waters.

Truth is somedays I need the fire hydrant of youth.

Even though busy scientists continually make headway in the field of aging (rather the lack of it) the big breakthrough that rolls back the clock isn’t coming fast enough.

So, in my quest for a magic potion, I keep a vigilant watch on what’s trending with beauty gurus.

One trend that’s proving worth the hype is collagen peptide supplements. Clinical studies provide proof a daily dose of collagen can make a significant difference in skin elasticity and structure.

best collagen protein powder

Collagen: the glue that holds us together

Collagen provides structure and support to different cells such as skin, bones, connective tissue, and hair to name a few.

It’s the most plentiful protein in the human body and is made up of specific amino acids. The three most essential amino acids in collagen are glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. Glycine, in particular, is becoming recognized as an all-important factor in aging well.

Collagen production slows down in our mid-twenties then dramatically decreases after age 30.

Collagen loss in the skin is responsible for sagging, a lack of plumpness, a dull appearance, and rough skin. Exposure to UV rays, environmental pollutants (like smoking), and a poor diet accelerate collagen deterioration.

Collagen peptides may well be the fountain of youth…or at least a trickle of it.

In addition to improving skin appearance, it can relieve joint stiffness and pain and help increase muscle strength and burn fat.

Clinical trials have shown daily consumption of a collagen peptide supplement improves the properties of facial skin (Koyama 2016). Peptides stimulate the cells that produce collagen and improve firmness and soften wrinkles.

Collagen supplementation also improves skin elasticity – the skins ability to “snap back” because it reduces sagging. To prevent excess skin supporting skin elasticity is particularly essential when losing a significant amount of weight.

Several studies concluded benefits could be seen in 4 to 8 weeks.


Best Collagen Protein Powder

What makes the best collagen protein powder “best”

Collagen supplements come in powders, liquids, creams, and pills.

I chose powders because many don’t contain artificial ingredients. Powders are also convenient for travel; they don’t add to the pesky liquid dilemma.

The best collagen protein powders contain hydrolyzed collagen and are 100% free of artificial anything – artificial colors, sweeteners, or binders and fillers.

Did you know cheap vitamins (pill form) contain binders and fillers? They are toxic, synthetic additives used in manufacturing and stabilization of the supplement.

Hydrolyzed collagen has been broken down into smaller molecules so it can be absorbed when digested. Hydrolyzation increases bioavailability which means your body can more effectively absorb it.

Other factors in the best collagen protein powders

  • no added sweeteners (unflavored)
  • non-GMO
  • contain at least type 1 & 3 collagen

I didn’t delve into the different types of collagen (1 & 3 benefit skin, 2 benefit joints, etc.) because our body’s collagen is mostly type 1. Even though one of the powder supplements I recommend has more types of collagen than the others, I still experienced the same benefits.

Usually, you get what you pay for, and this was true for the supplements.

I found the less expensive products had lower amounts of collagen per serving and had a barnyard taste. I don’t want to gross you out and say cowhide flavor, but the majority of collagen peptides are made from bovine.

Hydrolyzed collagen powder is easy to mix with hot/cold beverages, water, smoothies, or soups. I found the powders dissolved better in a hot drink. I’ve even run across recipes that use it to make protein bars (um, no thanks).

These are not meant to be a meal replacement or a protein supplement because they’re not a complete protein.

The 4 best collagen protein powders for 2019

I researched and narrowed down the 4 best collagen protein powders. I bought them myself, and I consumed the entire container before making my recommendations.

All of the powders

  • are hydrolyzed collagen peptides
  • contain at least type 1 & 3 collagen
  • are made from grass-fed pasture-raised cows
  • are unflavored and contain no artificial sweeteners or ingredients
  • Keto & Paleo friendly (because they’re free of artificial ingredients or sweeteners)

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Sports Research

Third-party certified Paleo friendly & Keto certified. Probably overkill but nice to know.


No residual flavor
No residue in hot liquids
Scoop size 11g
40 calories
11g collagen peptides
10g protein
Comes in a travel size

Ancient Nutrition (Formerly Dr. Axe)

Multi collagen protein powder: blend of hydrolyzed bovine, chicken, fish, and eggshell collagen. Even though it contained more types of collagen, I didn’t notice any additional benefits.

Best Collagen Protein Powder - Ancient Nutrition
Slight barnyard flavor
No residue in hot liquids
Scoop size 10.2g
35 calories
10.2g collagen peptides
9g protein
Type 1, 2, 3, 5, & 10 collagen
Comes in a travel size

BioOptimal Collagen Powder

Made from antibiotic and growth hormone free cows.


Slight barnyard flavor
Some residue in hot liquids
Scoop size 10g
35 calories
10g collagen peptides
9g protein
Doesn’t come in a travel size

MAV Nutrition

Definite barnyard flavor
Some residue in hot liquids
Scoop size 11g
40 calories
11g collagen peptides
10g protein
Didn’t say what type of collagen it was but I’m guessing type 1 & 3
Doesn’t come in a travel size

One liquid I’d recommend

Some of the best collagen protein powders don’t have to be a powder. If you don’t drink hot drinks or want to be bothered mixing a powder with something a liquid is a convenient option.

Several years ago I got my hands on Yana, made by IMAGE Skincare, to try out. It was the first collagen supplement I ever tried.

One day I couldn’t figure out why I suddenly felt creaky like the Tin Man in need of a good oil. Then it hit me. I had run out of Yana.

I drank Yana faithfully for more than a year and loved the benefits. It was after I read The Obesity Code that I switched to a powder. Unfortunately, Yana contains a small amount of sucralose (known to raise insulin).

Yana Best Collagen Protein Powder
Tastes good
Has an added boost of ceramides and antioxidants
2,500mg of collagen peptides
10 calories
2g protein
Comes in a travel size


I’m still chasing after the fountain of youth, but in the meantime, I’m drinking my collagen.

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