The Latest Anti-Aging Advice from a Skincare Guru

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Janna Ronert CEO and Founder of IMAGE Skincare products talks anti-aging tips, what’s new in skincare, and what’s on the horizon.

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very morning it happens. I look in the mirror and take inventory.

Are the bags under my eyes getting larger? What new wrinkle or fine line has crept up overnight? And as usual, I want what I can never have.

Good skin. I accept that wrinkles and lines are going to happen. But…

Why did I get stuck with skin that is easily damaged by UV rays, shows every broken capillary, and is so fragile it could sprout five new wrinkles if I look at it wrong.

Since I’ve never had great skin – I dream of a peaches and cream completion- using high-quality skincare as I age is essential.

Every day not only is our skin barraged with environmental damage but 50+ skin can’t repair itself like it used to.

Here’s our dilemma – with so many sophisticated products to choose from how does one know what to spend money on?

Well, you ask a skincare guru!

Janna Ronert
Janna Ronert, IMAGE Skincare CEO & Founder

I’ve been a raving fan of IMAGE Skincare products for years with a special affinity for their repair cremes. Their rich, creamy yumminess nourishes skin to a velvety touch.

Right now, I’m feeling my face and nodding yes.

Aside from their products luxurious feel and distinct scents I’m impressed with the brand’s relentless quest to be on the leading-edge of skincare technology. Their signature Vectorize Technology encapsulates powerful ingredients and delivers them deep in the skin over a 48-hour period.

Girl boss behind the brand 

Janna Ronert, IMAGE Skincare CEO & Founder

Each year IMAGE launches new products and revamps existing ones to enhance effectiveness and incorporate new innovative technology. I met Janna at a product launch party in Utah.

One word: impressed.

Janna is not only a highly successful businesswoman (and human being) she’s also genuinely warm and personable. I was struck by how down to earth she is (she stood at the door to help the helpers greet attendees) and observed her sincere interest in people.

Janna started IMAGE Skincare from her tiny apartment in 2003. With her husband, plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Ronert, Janna collaborates with top chemists to create and formulate every product.

IMAGE Skincare is sold in more than 52 countries and has 13 collections encompassing an extensive product portfolio of cleansers, exfoliators, lip gels, serums, moisturizers, eye cremes, masks, sunscreens, chemical peels, and foundations.

Their recent development is Yana a liquid collagen beauty supplement.

After a long flight and a day that began while I was still dreaming of the perfect skin-tone, Janna sat down with me and gave me the inside scoop on what she recommends to keep mature skin radiant.

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Why are you passionate about skincare?

I believe when you’re confident about the way you look it gives you confidence in your approach to life. Giving people confidence is probably the greatest gift you can give anybody.

You can have the most beautiful person on the outside but if they lack confidence they can be empty on the inside.

I think skincare when done well can change how someone feels about their skin. It gives women confidence which, gives them power. That makes me happy.

What should women consider when choosing a skincare line?

The first question I ask women is what their budget is? How much do they want to spend and what’s their expectation?

Based on how much they want to spend I’ll direct them to what I think is the highest non-prescription professional product they can afford.

I have the knowledge to direct them to a professional product based on how much they’ll spend and what they want to get out of it.

I always recommend using only professional products. Look at what your dermatologist carries. Look at what your medical spa carries. I would never recommend buying something from a pharmacy or department store.

What is a skincare routine “must” for women in their late 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond?

That’s a very simple question. I have a very simple answer. First, exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.

Can you overdo that?

You can overdo it, but at those ages, it’s probably pretty hard unless you’re cleansing five times a day. Most women don’t have the time to do that. Ideally, you can exfoliate both morning and night.

Iluma Intense Brightening Exfoliating Powder

Second, retinol. As we age, we lose collagen, and our elastin fibers pull apart. Retinol is truly the only ingredient that’s the biggest skin tightening booster for women in that age category.

Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Mask

Third and the most important is sunscreen every day. At every age, you must shield your skin cells from the sun. UV rays not only break down collagen and elastin but also damage skin cells and can cause skin cancer. So those three items I think are the most important for women at those ages.

What IMAGE Skincare products tackle crepey neck skin, the chest, and age spots on the back of hands?

So, the neck is hard. Even Botox can’t fix that, Restylane can’t fix that. IMAGE Skincare has a neck lift cream designed for firming crepey necks and corrects a little bit of thinning skin. If you want the neck to lift there has to be some surgical intervention.

The Max Stem Cell Neck Lift

The chest is easier. Decollate damage is generally due to sun damage. It’s a segment of the body that’s pretty flat all the time, unlike the neck where the muscles are in constant use. So, exfoliate, use retinols, and sunscreen.

Prevention + Daily Protection Moisturizer 50 SPF

I love facial cleansing brushes to augment exfoliation. In addition to the face, I would use it on the chest and backs of hands.

Exfoliating the hands with a little retinol is an excellent way to correct sun damage and spots. You can even get chemical peels on the hands and the chest.

Iluma Intense Lightening Body Lotion

What skincare technology or ingredients are on your radar?

Delivery systems. I think they’re just as important or more important than the ingredients I just mentioned.

We have new technology, Vectorize Technology, that encapsulates ingredients. In the lab we take a microscopic bubble and fill it with retinol, lightening agents, and exfoliating agents.

The Max Stem Cell Creme with Vectorize Technology

When you massage these products into your skin, this technology delivers over time, like layers of onion peeling off. So, throughout a 48-hour period, you’re getting lightening, brightening, and skin firming ingredients delivered into the skin.

It’s revolutionary because no one product can do all that (exfoliate, lighten, tighten). But with this technology, it does a lot in just one bottle.

Iluma Intense Brightening Creme with Vectorize Technology

Certain IMAGE Skincare products have Vectorize Technology. In regards to sunscreens, serums, nighttime creams, and masks it’s the wave of the future.

We also see a lot of benefit from using plant-based ingredients such as plant-derived stem cells. They benefit the skin as an antioxidant and repairing value.

I also think peptides – chains of amino acids – replicated in the lab to mimic high-level ingredients such as Botox.

We use a revolutionary ingredient that mimics the effect of Botox.

The Max Stem Cell Serum

Snail slime has recently become a key ingredient in skin care and hair care products

That’s interesting. In Korea snail essence, snail slime is an integral part of every single product. And I’ve been to Korea many times.

I’ve experienced it and had treatments with it.  Koreans believe it does a lot for their skin.

However, it lacks clinical evidence. It doesn’t have significant data that says you’ve got to use it. Since IMAGE is a clinically based skincare line, we only use ingredients with data that backs them up.

When you blend different ingredients, it’s kind of the chicken or the egg.  Is it the snail stuff making it work or everything else making it work?

What is your skincare routine?

(Laughs) We don’t have enough time to talk about it. But I believe in the real skincare diet, and I do it every day. I use vitamin C, peptides, retinol, exfoliators, and AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acid).

I mean I use everything outside of acne products to treat my skin. So, I use a wide variety of our Max, Vital C, Ageless, Iluma, Prevention+, and Ormedic collections. I use like 6 of our collections, and I mix and match every day.

In Utah, I’m dry.  Wherever I travel, I use different products. (Janna lives in Florida)


Do you switch out your products seasonally?

Yes. I use a product from our Vital C collection every single day, morning and night because I have rosacea.

When I’m in Utah, I’ll use more Vital C products and won’t use any retinols or any AHA’s. But if I lived here and my skin got used to it, I would use our Ageless collection that contains retinol.

IMAGE recently came out with YANA – a daily beauty liquid containing collagen. Where do you see that going?

Great question.  It’s very new, but the clinical data supports it’s at the baby stage, and it’s going to get gigantic.

The data on its delivery system supports that almost 100% of woman who uses this product, in our specific doses, will see an improvement in hydration, overall skin health, and a reduction of fine lines.

Yana Daily Beauty Liquid with Collagen

When you couple more technology and more scientific research the data truly supports not only is it here to stay, but it will be as important as brushing your teeth. As important as coloring your hair. It should be a lifestyle staple.

So, this isn’t a luxury?

Absolutely not. It’s a must. We guarantee IMAGE Skincare products. Use it for 30 days if you don’t think you see a difference we’ll give you your money back.

That’s how strongly I feel.

What advice would you give to women about aging well?

Being happy is the most important advice I can give to anybody. Find your happy place. Hang around happy people.

The influences around you either create happiness, confidence, and drive or a lack of them. Be around happy, driven people. That’s the first advice I would give.

Second, is find what you are super passionate about and do it every day if you can.

Third, I would say, M-O-V-E. Move in some way, move walking, move running, move in your house doing jumping jacks, move something during the day to keep your body going.

As it relates to skincare I’d say exfoliate, retinol, sunscreen and if you can, go to a professional (esthetician) to get skin treatments. They’re the personal trainer for your skin.

Janna and her husband Marc believe in giving back. In addition to their professional pursuits, they are involved with their non-profit Care for Skin Foundation that travels to impoverished countries performing life-changing procedures on kids.

The foundation’s mission is to help children who suffer from skin loss due to accidents, tumors, burns, scars or genetic abnormalities.  Equally important the foundation educates local physicians so they can perform the procedures themselves.

For more IMAGE Skincare products visit their Amazon page where all the products are sold directly by IMAGE. Try just one, and you too will become a raving fan!



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